MARK ANDERTON WILSON Internationally Known Psychic and Medium

As an internationally renowned and gifted Psychic and Mediumistic Consultant - I have been providing personal psychic sittings and astrological forecasts since 1973 -including a number of astrological forecasts laid before the Queen.

I have been widely involved in the media since 1978:
NEWSPAPERS: contributing a weekly star column and weekly telephone star line service in the Citizen Group of Newspapers (covering Lancashire) since 1980.

RADIO PRGRAM WORK (1980-1993): Radio Lancashire "You Too" A weekly one hour program doing prediction and clairvoyance.

TELEVISION WORK (1978 -1997): BBC 1 " Look North" Annual New Years predictions.

NATIONAL TOURS (1991-present): Attending various theatre venues (including the Albert Hall, London) as well as Medium and Psychic demonstrations.

LECTURING(1978-present): Parapsychology and Metaphysical Studies at the Arthur Findlay College.

I have also been a Member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain since 1978.

Profile of Mark Anderton Wilson:

Anderton was born on a farm, Church House Farm in Lancashire. Opposite Church House Farm is St.Michaels Church, where Jeremiah Horrocks was the first astronomer in the world to witness the Transit of Venus on November 24th 1639, there is also a Transit Of Venus in 2004, Andertons family dates back to 1604 at Church House Farm where his family still live. His father was the youngest of 7 children his grandfather was the youngest of 7 children and Anderton was the youngest of 7 sons. From the age of 4 and 5 years old in the orchard of the farm Anderton could see the spirit children. His Grandmother was the first to notice the dreams he spoke of came uncannily accurate and true. Anderton had many psychic visions from early childhood.

Anderton has done private sittings since he was 12 years old and people still flock to see him.

"In the past 28 years I have never seen anything to frighten me or worry me for myself or anyone else". "It is my opinion that certain people are born with a unique gene that gives that psychic awareness".

Anderton has proved time and time again that numerology and at least 4 letters of the alphabet come into everybody's life. Karma Cause and Effect.


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